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This week, Twoey will be performing poetry for the Back Talk: Voices Against Violence program, a spoken word series which supports youth experiencing homelessness.

On January 25, Twoey will be reading from PRUDEmag at the Broken Pencil Zine Awards. PRUDEmag has been nominated for Best Political Zine of 2023.


Twoey Gray is a Toronto-based zinester, arts educator, mad-girl hyperprude, and poet lady. She is a second-born daughter named after the number. She is coming to your city. It’s too late.

Twoey is the author of several works including Not Home: True Stories from Abandoned Places, an essay collection on the power of trespassing; Electrodaughter, a poetry collection on her experience recieving electroconvulsive therapy; and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, a zinepoem interrogating the pathologization of asexuality.

Twoey is also the co-editor of PRUDEmag, a zine for spinsters, asexuals, relationship anarchists, and all others refusing sex necessarism.


For nice emails, find me at twoey.gray@gmail.com. For not-nice emails, don't email me.